My Freedom Hasn’t Been Taken Away

“Social distancing is an infringement on my rights.”

I respectfully and strongly disagree. Here’s why…

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Globalization Kind Of Sucks

The year is 2020. Some people call it the Digital Age. Others call it the Internet Era. By any name, our time is one marked by globalization, a process of interaction and integration between various stakeholders worldwide.

Economically-speaking, it has spawned raw materials and investment opportunities on a global scale. Politically, it has altered diplomatic relations with the rise of intergovernmentalism, evidenced by organizations such as the United Nations, European Union, and North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Seemingly a result of these alliances, the rate of cultural diffusion has never been higher, correlating with rises in global migration and tourism.

Enter me. Among the countless byproducts of globalization is my life. In 1997, I was adopted from Russia by American parents. Especially given my roots, I grew up with a global mindset which later led me to live abroad. To date, I’ve thrived in the globalized world. I’ve reaped its benefits. Yet, I’ve also witnessed its shortcomings.

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Is This How We’re Supposed To Meet People In 2019?

I am no stranger to dating apps. I remember the craze of Hot or Not when I was in high school. (I fell into that unfortunate “trap-plication” for a few months.) From time to time, I’ve downloaded Tinder or Bumble for two- or three-month stretches. Even though I’ve successfully dated people from both, I’ve often asked myself, “Is this how we’re supposed to meet people in 2019?”

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